E-Shaker (Battery) - Portable Auto Protein Mixer

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Gone are the days of powder clumps and shaking endlessly. Get with the times and grab yourself an E-Shaker today! With its powerful force, this bottle will instantly mix up to 450mL of liquid with any powder. Forget about replacing batteries! Our bottle comes with a built in lithium ion battery which charges via the included USB cable. Up your bottle game and grab yourself an E-Shaker today!

Cool Features

  • Instantly mixes all your protein powders.
  • Portable (AAA Battery Operated - not included)
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • No clumping of powder (9,000 RPM)
  • Holds up to 450mL
  • Stainless Steel Version
  • BPA Free


Uses a powerful lithium ion battery that you can charge via USB. Both USB and battery are included in the package.


Dissolves any lumps of powder. Mix protein shakes, baby formula, meal replacement drinks, creatine and other powdered supplements.


Just add some water and detergent, spin for a few seconds, rinse and you're done! Washing up has never been easier. 

Create Your Own Vortex

A powerful shaker to suit your everyday mixing needs. Use it for protein powder, DIY drinks, baby formula and juices.