Esssential Oil Car Diffuser

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Car Aromatherapy Diffuser

The first Aromatherapy diffuser for you car. Bring your essential oils with you whenever you travel with this convenient car diffuser to turn  you car into a spa. Bring joy, relaxation and wellbeing with you from your favourite essential oils as you travel.


Humidification function, humidifies the air in the car and refresh the quality of air we breathe.

- Aromatherapy function, pleasant smell helps you lift your mood, relieve tension and anxiety, and boost metabolism.

- 180 degree rotation, to adjust the direction of the vapor and make full humidification.

2 hours power protection: After continuously working for 2 hours, it will cut off the power automatically.

- Material: ABS, PP and electronic components, anti-corrosion.



- Water tank capacity: 50ML.

- Working voltage: DC 12V.

- Working Current: 130mA - 150mA.

- Frenquency: 1.5W - 2W.

- Spray volume: 25ML / hour.


Features: Durable, Auto shut off, Portable
Material : Plastic, ABS, Electronic components

Color : Green, Pink, Purple, Blue

Special function: Humidification, Aromatherapy, Purification
Package weight: 0.153 kg
Product size: (L x W x H) : 5.7 x 5.6 x 16.4 cm / 2.24 x 2.20 x 6.45 inches

Package contents: 1 x Car Humidifier, 1 x Sponge ( Spare Part ), 1 x English Manual


Instructions on Use:

  1. Turn Counterclockwise to remove the water tank. 
  2. Pour water into tank. (Purified water is recommended to prevent clogging) 
  3. Add a few drops of essential oils if need. (Water soluble essential oils are recommended)
  4. Turn Clockwise to reattach water tank and to wet the sponge.
  5. Insert into car 12V port
  6. Touch car humidifier touch switch 

--->6.1 One touch, blue lights, humidification mode 

--->6.2 Two touches, blue and red lights together, aromatherapy mode 

--->6.3 Three touches, red lights, shutdown state 

Note: You may need to wait 3-5 mins for the mist to start when you using for the first time. You will also need to wet the cotton sponge first, if not, the car diffuser will not work properly. 

Car diffuser instructions